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How's My Driving?

Any comments/critiques on how I play Spencer? Drop them in this post. Anon commenting is enabled, and IP screening is off but please keep the criticism constructive - "you suck" is not helpful.

[Text] Entry #016

So, I've been working on a theory I have regarding why we may have been brought here. Based on something Doctor Wesker told me, I've started to think maybe it's not us the Queen wants so much as it is our mirrors and so she picks us based on what she thinks our mirrors might be like. To what end, I'm not sure - why anyone would want my mirror around, I have no idea.

But in order to figure out if this is the case, I need to know more about the other mirrors. I need to figure out if there's a reason the Queen would prefer the mirrors to us. It may just be that she needs anyone she can get to serve her and bringing people here allows her that. But maybe there's a pattern behind it which might help explain why she chose us, specifically, and if there is I want to find it.

[If nothing else it gives her something to focus on that isn't Wesker's project and more goals are never bad, even if she's way off-track]

[Video] Entry #015

[Spencer's in her room, preening in front of the mirror. Yes, you read that right. She casts a final gaze over her reflection before turning her attention to the recording device. Pretending to be her real was one thing; being her real has left her actually a little giddy. Safe to say she's in a cheerful mood]

So, I'm a little bored right now. Anyone want to come help me fix that? There has to be something fun to do around here. A girl can't study all the time.

[ooc: replies will come from hguone_yracs]

[Action/Text] Entry #014

[With the weather improving, Spencer's finding it harder to remain indoors. So today she's decided to put the research on hold and head outside. She's sat by the pond, nose buried in a book as usual, but she's perfectly open to being disturbed.

At some point during her time out by the pond, she'll put the book down and send the following to the network:]

So, I think it's about time we arrange events that aren't controlled by the Mansion. It's been...longer than I can remember since I had a movie night and I think it'd be a nice way for us to spend time together without having to try to kill each other.

What does everyone think? Obviously this is aimed more towards the teenagers but if the adults don't mind enduring our forms of entertainment then you're welcome to join in too. Who knows, maybe it can become a regular thing.

[Video] Entry #013

[Oh boy. Someone is really not happy about this latest turn of events]

What the hell? So apparently creating things to make our lives difficult wasn't bad enough, now this place has to get its kicks from setting us up to fight each other? Oh and the collars are an especially nice touch - because what's death without a little humiliation beforehand?

[Yeah, she's not optimistic about her chances here. She's trying not to show it but she's definitely scared here]

[action] Entry #012

[Spencer tends not to engage her imagination all that often, at least not in any way that would really impact on the mansion. Mostly her imagination tends to focus on her own failings and she's not about to broadcast those to the world all over again.

That and mostly she's been trying to figure out what the hell is with all of the weird stuff happening. There are monsters in the pool area and roaming the halls. Nothing connects with any real sense of logic. And yet here she is wandering the mansion hoping to not run into something she shouldn't.

Feel free to come and harass her. She could use the distraction from her own thoughts right now]

[action] #011

Spencer is in one of her favourite places in the world: the school library. While the shelves may not be as well-stocked as she would prefer, the room itself provides a quiet place for her to ensure she stays on top of her grades.

And perhaps her favourite table is her favourite for reasons over and above it having the best light and the closest access to the books she tends to need most often. Perhaps it's her favourite because when people walk in, they can immediately see her and be warned that there is a member of the Disciplinary Committee in the vicinity. Her uniform is in perfect order and, of course, the customary pompadour is present with not a hair out of place.

Feel free to come and hassle her, either directly or by virtue of disturbing her little sanctuary. She may not be thrilled at the interruption but no haven can be perfect 100% of the time, right?

[ooc: Alas, Troian has never sported the hairstyle in question, so we'll all just have to imagine what Spencer looks like with one]

[video] #010

[Spencer's looking decidedly off-kilter in this video. Call it the realities of the Mansion sinking in coupled with fear of her own mortality right now]

So. Um. I've never really had to...I don't know, ask this before or admit I need help, but after the past few weeks, seeing and hearing about so many people getting hurt or killed...and these are people I consider able to handle themselves.

And, well. I feel helpless. Like I'm a sitting target for anything that decides it wants me as a victim. But I don't want to be. So...I don't know. I guess, anyone got any ideas on how I can try and defend myself?

[accidental video/text] #009

[Spencer's sat in her room, clearly lost in thought. She's surrounded by books and paperwork but rather than looking at any of them, she seems to be staring into space. Her communication device is in her hand and she keeps looking at it only to put it down and look away again. After a few moments of this, she starts to send someone a text message. It's the last thing seen before the feed cuts out]

Private to WeskerCollapse )

[Video] #008

[Now that things are heading back to something resembling normal, Spencer's had more time to figure out exactly what her mirror took. She's also had a lot more time to ponder the other implications of her double being around, especially after speaking to Tim at the party. Hence, she's thinking damage limitation would be a wise move]

Okay, so in light of the recent spate of doubles that have been around the Mansion, I need to ask anyone who thinks they spoke to me while the mirrors were around to let me know when and where, and what was said.

In the event it turns out "I" said something offensive, I'll apologise on behalf of the both of us, because I suspect she won't even if she could.